Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy Ikeaversary!

It's crazy being a parent in general. One crazy thing is that everything in the beginning is counted in months. "My son is __ months old", "he has been home for ____ months". Finally we are ending counting our lives in months.

Ike has officially been home for an entire year. This is crazy. A year ago we were sleep deprived and freaking out. A year ago Ike was sucking a bottle. A year ago I had no idea how to interact with a child much less what to do with him. Yet somehow we made it and Ike seems extremely well adjusted by anyone's standards.

And I've turned into such a mom. For example, all I ever want to do is sleep in. Before Ike (since I worked for myself) I normally never got out of bed before 8 and anytime before 10 I felt like I was off to a good start. I spend most of my mornings dreaming of sleeping till 8 or 9. It NEVER happens. Even if Ike is spending the night with my mom, we still have Sculley and Mulder who are used to eating at a certain time. Plus Luke is a HUGE morning person. This morning, the clock hit 7am. The dogs were still asleep, Ike was still asleep, Luke was still asleep. By 7:30, Luke is out of bed, but everyone else is still asleep. So, by this time I am freaking out about Ike. By 8 I'm so worried it is crazy. All I can think about is that Ike was so tired the day before, he MUST be sick. I'm worried he is in there with a fever, he's thrown up, he's deathly ill, something is definitely wrong. I go in there, of course he wakes up, and he is perfectly fine and his super happy self.

I also worry constantly that Ike will be disappointed latter in life that I have not made him a baby book or why I haven't written him a letter since he came home. That he will wonder why there are not that many non blurry pictures of his face or something else no boy ever cares about.

For the biggest Ikeaversary, some of my family (20 of us, sorry to the one's who didn't come. It grew exponentially and the place wasn't that big) went to a restaurant. We were there for about two hours and past Ike's strict bedtime. Ike went around to everyone at the table and said "bye, bye Papa", "bye, bye____" until he reached the point of his beginning, looked at me and said "momma, I go now". So we left.

I hope to post more pictures soon. A brief update... Sculley is still stable. Luke's mom is out of the hospital and seems to be getting better. We are still hoping for her to make a full recovery.


Elisabeth said...

No way, a year?? It seems like you just went to Korea!! Happy one year, he is so cute!

Sandra said...

Happy family day! I can't believe it's been a year. And yes, sleep is precious.

Jenny said...

One year?! Already?!!! Wow! Happy one year home, Ike! And I think you're one awesome mom... And I'm sure Ike does too!