Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ike is Two and other updates..

Holly Crazy Fall. It was nuts. New job. Ike has a new school. Luke's mom in and out of the hospital with multiple surgeries, Sculley in kidney failure, my step dad had surgery, my brother is now engaged...but the thing that I think about the most, the thing I haven't yet talked about, is the maggots.

In September, during the crazy mix of hospital visits, we had maggots in our house-in our kitchen. I had already called in sick this day because I had cried myself into a migraine. My step mom was already coming over to sit with Sculley, because we thought it was "the end". Luke and Ike are getting ready to leave for school and work, respectively, when Ike says in perfect clarity, "what is that?". What is what? How did he say that so clearly? (then it was a big deal-now 2 1/2 months latter he is throwing out super clear words and sentences like crazy, but then I was stopped in my pajamas.)

It was a maggot. Then another maggot. Then we started looking around the kitchen, living room, laundry room, dining room and entry way....they were EVERYWHERE!!! In the mists of all the crazy, we had apparently NOT taken the trash out in a timely fashion. It was very hot outside as well, and I'm told, perfect breeding weather for FLIES.

I HATE dirtiness. Hate it. I have been accused of being messy, but dirty I am not. I clean and clean and hire people to clean. Not to say that my house is "clean", because it is normally not. We have mail on the counter, coats and bags on the table, there is usually dog hair on the floor, but I vacuum and mop and dust like a maniac. The mess is something different.

Maggots were the last-last straw. I started crying and could not come up with any plan on remediating the problem. Luke and Ike had to leave and I was in disrepair. I could not think of anything to make my life better at that point. Enter my step mom, who did not listen to my message or read my text not to come. She totally calmed me down and got me back where I needed to be. (wanted to give her some props, but back to the maggots.)

So I started to vacuum them up with my incredible dyson and they kept coming. I vacuumed the same area for what seemed to be an hour. They kept coming out from the woodwork-seriously. And I should have thought about that, because (you guessed it) five days latter was FLIES.

We had 25+ flies in our house EVERY NIGHT. Every night for a month. Luke was KILLING and average of 12-20 a day. And we were NOT killing them ALL every night. Seriously it was horrible. We felt like the Feed the Children commercials. We couldn't eat here, we could cook. We had to cover our cups we were drinking out of because flies would land on them. And the little bastards got brave and had NO problem landing on us. After all we were their home.

It may sound petty, but it was one of the worst experiences. Mainly because of my unique ability to block out really bad experiences, as if they never occurred, and I have been fortunate enough not to have many bad experiences. But I'll tell you the flies and maggots were not funny at all until now.
In other news... Things really seem to be looking up around here. Ike is, of course, doing well. He is the smartest in his class and most likely the smartest two-year old and the most handsome in the entire world.
(Please ignore the bad picture of me). Ike has taken to mimicking us. For example, the other night he decided to read us his book, get off the chair, walk to the edge of his crib, sing us the song we sing to him while rocking back and forth like we do, and then proceeded to his prayer. Apparently he is tired of his routine. The best part is he was laughing the entire time.
I will try to post more often. It is hard now because the State of Oklahoma doesn't allow Blogger on their computers. I am fighting this now. I totally believe the Oklahoma tax payers would love me to check my blogs on my work computer instead of having to read them on the small screen on my iphone. I believe anyone would agree with me. What do they want me to do all day? Work?


Jenny said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Ike!!! You're such an awesome little dude!!! And those maggots... omygosh. I would not have been able to handle it! I don't blame you - I would NOT have found it funny either! Glad that's over!

Sandra said...

Maggots. Ewww.

Happy Birthday Ike, you sound like one fun kid.

I will petition Oklahoma to allow you to blog from work so we can hear more about Ike. No more maggot stories though, okay?