Sunday, September 12, 2010

To New Mexico and Back Again.

You may or may not have been reading my little uneventful, non-flowing blog for long enough to know that we have been driving to New Mexico every year to buy green chiles, art and whatever else. This year, Luke decided about a month before we were going to leave that driving 10 hours with a 1.5 year old is not a good idea if you have other options. SO we went first class instead.

Luke planned out the entire vacation by himself! Not that he is incapable, it's just that I have always planned out our trips. He did a fantastic job. Luke is not as cheap as I am so we did everything in style. And I liked it!

We usually drive, because we buy things, like art and green chiles, that cannot be flown back. This year my friend got us green chiles and drove them back for us and we shipped our new art. Anyway, we flew and flew first class-which rocks. I have enough miles on some airlines that I get bumped up but they don't go to NM. Fortunately, United is super cheap to by an upgrade, especially when you count up the dollars you save by not having to pay to check bags. (remember when you could check bags for free and airline people were nice and respectful? Remember when it wasn't a nightmare to fly and you didn't have to take off most of your clothes to get through security?)

When I book our travel I get the cheapest car possible-Luke got us an Acadia (Cassie, I remember that you wanted one of these and I pooed it. Now I want one) it was really nice! Luke also booked us a great house at Casa Gallina. It was fabulous! We got there and Richard (the owner) had left out a bunch of snacks, mint water and a bottle of wine! Awesome! Everything was beautiful. His house, the chickens, the food, his garden, his lot, his furnishings. Amazing. I thought we should just rent a one bed or studio. Luke said two bedrooms. Good choice. Ike just goes to bed so early it would be hard to have a nice time. Not that we are staying up late. I went to bed at 8;45 last night??

This year, we went to the Taos Music Festival-which Ike of course loved, The bernillo wine festival-Ike Loved and I'm not sure what else we did? We did go tour the Earth Ship, which is a home built out of only recycled and sustainable material that generates all of its own electricity.We also did some mandatory site seeing of things we like to go back too and things we have never made a point to see.
We spent a lot of time relaxing and eating fresh eggs and fruit from Richards garden.
And mainly spent time with each other. Ike is a great traveler. He was even having some stomach issues and still had a great time. He flies like no one business and takes long car trips like a champ. He had no issue sleeping in new places and meeting new people (of course we new this from all the other places he has been made to visit)
This was our first alone family vacation. In January, we went skiing with friends. He had only been home a little over a month and was a poor decision on our part. Ike had altitude sickness, he also got sick and didn't care for the day care that we put him in while we skied. I know-bad call. But it all worked out okay.

In February, he went to Florida to see his great aunt and uncle and grandpa and Edith. He loved it and did great.
In March he went on a business trip to Washington, D.C. He did enjoy his nations capital. Then we waited a whole 6 months before we did anything else, mainly due to my work schedule and Luke's travel schedule. And we really wanted to go out of the country but Ike didn't have a passport till recently and I had accidently let mine expire.

In other news, Ike received his Certificate of Citizenship this week, which is what any citizen born out of the country must get in order to prove citizenship. Now the only thing I have left is to get his SS card in his new name and there is nothing else. wew!

Hope all of my miscellaneous readers are doing well.


Jenny said...

oh my goodness this looks like a FABULOUS time! so glad you all got to go on a JUST family vacation and glad it was so wonderful!

Sandra said...

I love that he is such a good traveler! I wish we had one of those LOL

It looks like a fantastic trip!